Electrolysis for Men - Safe, Effective and Permanent!

Guys, don’t be shy – ladies love a well-groomed man! Li-Li specializes in permanent hair removal solutions for men of all ages and skin types. We have many male patients and understand the unique needs of male customer. Rest assured that our clinic will be a place where you can relax and feel completely comfortable.
Boost Your Confidence – At the Beach, On a Date, Anywhere! We realize that “hair issues” can be a source of insecurity and discomfort for many men. This doesn’t have to be the case! Electrolysis treatment can permanently remove any hair that makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Regain your confidence when you go to the beach, go out on a date, or meet someone for the first time – don’t let tiny little hairs put a big dent in your self-esteem! Don’t worry, you aren’t the only guy with hair woes! In fact, we have hundreds of male patients and field new inquiries from men every week. Wanting to get rid of unsightly or uncomfortable hair is perfectly normal regardless of your age or gender. unsightly or uncomfortable hair is perfectly normal regardless of your age or gender.



Shaping a beard makes a neatly trimmed beard exquisite. It helps to minimize skin irritation from shaving and reduces the amount of care needed to maintain a beard.

As men age, ear hairs get increasingly coarser and longer, this makes shaving or other temporary methods very difficult, sometimes impossible.

Bushy eyebrows are uncomfortable to maintain and trimming can be dangerous. 

Having unibrows is considered to be a bad omen in some communities, this can be rectified permanently by undergoing electrolysis treatment.

Some men grow coarse hairs on the ridge of the nose. This condition can affect men who work outdoors.

Hard to shave, shaving causes irritation or ingrown hair

Bodybuilders, sportsmen, and swimmers find body hair very discomforting.

From face, chest



For men, the most common area of concern tends to be around the beard, especially over the cheekbone area where odd sparse hairs can grow. The other problem area men have is concerning the neck where ingrowing hair can be a problem. If you are prone to getting ingrowing hairs then electrolysis can be a great solution. Other areas where men often seek permanent hair removal are the top of the nose between eyebrows, nostrils, inner ear, chest, back and upper arms. There is no area or body part that can not be treated.