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Bio Sketch of Sherly Kollannur

Sherly Kollannur

Chief Consultant Electrologist & Director

LiLi Scientific Electrolysis,
Founder Director, LASE Academy

While working as a nurse at Yasoda Super Specialty Hospital, Hyderabad, India, way back in 1991, Sherly was invited to undergo training in electrolysis, under whose initiative electrolysis, as a permanent unwanted hair removal treatment was introduced in the Indian subcontinent. Sherly was fortunate enough to receive hands on training in electrolysis, at a time when electrolysis was unknown to the eastern part of the world.

She was certified by Instantron Company, USA, for the use of epilators according to contemporary standards and utilize Instantron epilators in the delivery of professional electrolysis services.

She was also certified by Academie Dectro, Canada, after successfully completing Apilus specialized training at the headquarters of Dectro International, Quebec, Canada and is qualified to operate and to train electrologist on Apilus Electrolysis Devices.

She is conversant with Galvanic, Thermolysis, and Blend methods of electrolysis.

Presently she is Chief Consultant Electrologist & Director with LiLi Scientific Electrolysis, and Founder Director, LASE Academy, where diploma courses are offered in Scientific Electrolysis.

She also offers 360⁰ consultancy for setting up new electrolysis clinics. And she was instrumental in setting up of several electrolysis clinics in India, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. She is also a speaker in Electrolysis permanent hair removal technology in conferences, and appeared in TV shows as an expert in electrolysis permanent hair removal.

She has over 27 years of practical hands on experience in the domain of electrolysis.

She has also obtained a certification in entrepreneurship from the District Industries Centre, Government of Kerala, India.