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Lase Academy Lase Academy

LASE Academy, an initiative of LiLi Scientific Electrolysis was established for bridging the gap between the demand and supply of trained electrology specialists. This is the first of its kind in the whole of India.

The hormone imbalance factor resulting in the unwanted growth of hair experienced in the human body of females and the desire for men and women to remove hair from their body for cosmetic purpose has made it necessary to find permanent solution for the removal of unwanted hair. As a result there is a great demand for trained electrology specialists in India and abroad.

The objective of establishing LASE is to play a significant role in the promotion and propagation of electrolysis and creation of professionally trained electrology specialists.

Need for training in electrology

Electrolysis, if practiced without the knowledge of the science behind it, may result in damaging the skin and leave a permanent scar where excess current is passed through the hair follicle. This is a very dangerous proposition. This mistake is committed mainly when the practitioner does not have the required skill to distinguish between dead hair and hair with life. There is no point in passing current through the follicle of the dead hair, as this will not result in cauterizing the root of the hair. Lack of knowledge and required skill for the specialist will ultimately result in damaging the skin of the client and the hair growing more vigorously.

Advisory Board

Dr. Mary Joseph
Dean & Administrator
Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Dr. Susan Kuruvilla
A Ph D holder in Women Entrepreneurship, a veteran skill trainer in Beauty Care, Grooming and Fashion Designing, and an entrepreneur turned academician with University of Kerala as a Professor

Dr. Mollykutty George
Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Ernakulam Medical Centre

Smt. Sherly Kollannur
Chief Consultant Electrologist, LiLi Scientific Electrolysis, & Founder Director, LASE Academy

Prof. K. Tharu Benny
Dean, LASE Academy, Professor of Marketing, & Former Dean, MACFAST Business School