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The curricula is developed based on the experience and the formal training I have received as an electrologist.

The following topics are included in the curricula:



What is electrolysis, the misnomer behind the concept

The science behind electrolysis


The nature and texture of skin

Techniques behind identifying the nature and texture of skin

Electrolysis Machine

The electrolysis machine in general

Parts of the machine and their functions

What happens when the machine is operated

How to operate the machine

Care to be taken while operating the machine

Protecting the machine

Maintenance of the machine


What is a probe

Functions of the probe

Handling of the probe

Sterilizing the probe – how and importance


Personal hygiene

Body odor

Bad breath

Importance of manicuring

Keeping of fingers in good shape and maintaining the texture

Practical Sessions

Hand exercise

Finger exercise

Foot exercise

Hand wash and hygiene sessions

Machine operation

Communication skills

Practicing electrolysis on various parts of body

Cleaning the skin

Maintenance of skin

Hand movements

Importance of hand movements

How hands and fingers are moved

Control of hand movements

Holding of forceps

Handling of probe holder

Leg movement

Passing of current using accelerator

Eye movements

Usage of magnifying lens

P28. Control of eye blinking

Human Psychology

Human being as a person

Self esteem



Behavior of human beings in a group

Inferiority complex

Lack of confidence

Building of confidence

Client counseling

Importance of client counseling

The underlying aspects of client counseling

Communication skills

Communicating with a smile

Pleasant communication

Clarity in communication

Avoiding of unnecessary communication

Greetings and thanks giving

Preparation of Record Book

Mid-course examination and final examination

Convocation and awarding of certificates



























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