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Training Academy

Need for a training academy in Electrolysis

During the tenure of my being as a consultant electrologist, I have observed that there is no institute offering training in scientific electrolysis in the whole of India. I had the opportunity to train over hundred employees who join as assistants and then graduate to someone doing the job of an electrologist. Though no formal training is given these assistants pick up the job and earn the skill through practice.

Electrolysis, if practiced without the knowledge of the science behind it, may result in damaging the skin and leave a permanent scar where excess current is passed through the hair follicle. This is a very dangerous proposition. This mistake is committed mainly when the practitioner does not have the required skill to distinguish between dead hair and hair with life. There is no point in passing current through the follicle of the dead hair, as this will not result in cauterizing the root of the hair. Lack of knowledge and required skill for the practitioner will ultimately result in damaging the skin of the client and the hair growing even more vigorously.

During the tenure of my career as a consultant electrologist I had the opportunity to come across innumerable number of victims who has been treated by unskilled persons without having received any formal training in scientific electrolysis.

This observation has made me venture into this training academy with the objective of transforming persons of interest who would like to take up electrolysis as a career and a livelihood. I hope this endeavor of mine will result in achieving two objectives: (1) creating skilled electrologist and (2) satisfied and confident clients.








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